Individual Therapy

A misconception is that therapy is just for those with mental illness. Therapy is beneficial for everyone.  There are many reasons why people seek out individual therapy throughout the course of their life. Therapy involves more than just sitting on a couch and talking to someone about how you feel, it is a great tool that is useful in helping individuals cope, deal, and work through whatever issues they are dealing with. Here are a few reasons why people seek out professional help.

Life Changes

One constant in life is change.  These changes can be big or small but they all come with challenges.   Whether it is a new career, getting married/divorced, having a baby, death, moving, or health issues change happens. New adventures in life are challenging, which makes it normal for individuals to seek help to cope with the change.

Taking Responsibility

Confronting your issues with honesty allows you the clarity to understand their complexities, which will ultimately allow you to take responsibility for your life and your actions. Whatever issues you are currently faced with and challenged by therapy provides a safe and comfortable environment for you to explore such issues and learn how to handle them.

Developing A Fresh Perspective

Individual therapy gives you the chance to explore conscious or subconscious habits, emotions, and behaviors that could be causing you harm, such as depression, anxiety, self-criticism, substance abuse, negative relationships, and more. Therapy can help you establish a fresh perspective to understand those behaviors that are not positively serving you.

Improving Coping Mechanisms

Working one on one with a Therapist can help you learn positive coping mechanisms to deal with stresses of daily life. Improving coping mechanisms can lead to changes in all aspects of life including work, family, relationships, and health.

Just Need Someone to Talk To

Whenever you experience feelings of just needing to talk to someone, do it. Individual counseling is a normal and valuable experience that can greatly benefit a person’s life. Whether you need help adjusting to changes in your life, struggling with relationship issues, or interested in self growth individual therapy can be very beneficial.