, About Me, Ben Moseback
Beliefs & Values

There are times in all of our lives where we are faced with a crisis of emotional, mental or spiritual unease and I believe we all have the capacity for healing and self-growth. When we find ourselves at these cross roads finding support in a safe and non-judgmental environment can be of great help. Wherever you are in your personal journey I understand it takes courage to reach out and I feel privileged and humbled to walk with you through that transition.

I attained a masters degree in Mental Health Counseling and registered as a Licensed Professional Counselor Intern with the state.  I’m supervised by Dr. Daniel Schiff.  My philosophy encompasses elements of both Gestalt and Existentialism and I am interested in working with those dealing with anxiety, relationship issues, life transitions and professional and personal growth.  I seek to connect all facets of a person’s world (the family they grew up in, their gender, faith, culture, education, age, etc.) as I believe that each person has inherent worth and the capacity to grow toward personal fulfillment